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The Challenges of running a Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises are businesses which trade for social and environmental purposes. They can generate income from their business activities but any surplus is reinvested for further social and environmental purposes. Examples include a community café, a community-owned pub or a furniture recycling project, and there are hundreds of different types of social enterprise across Shropshire alone.

Shropshire RCC can help existing organisations to consider a more enterprising approach to their work and can work with new enterprises to develop their business activity.

Our Social Enterprise Business Outreach Coach, Nicky Kent can work with organisations and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways to help get an enterprise activity off the ground. She can provide two days of FREE business advice and support. This support could include helping you think through:

  • How will your idea work?
  • Will your idea make money?
  • Where will you find funds to help you get going or grow?
  • What legal forms and business models are available for your organisation?
  • Who are your customers and competitors?
  • How do you create a business plan?
  • What networking opportunities are available to work with other enterprises?
  • Are there areas of the law you need to take account of?
  • What other sources of help are available?

Nicky can help you to overcome a wide range of practical challenges and also support you to develop the confidence to move your enterprise forward.

Nicky works in partnership with other specialist support services in Shropshire and regionally and can help your organisation access a wide range of help to take your idea forward.

The Social Enterprise Business Outreach Project is part of the 'Growing Social Enterprise in the West Midlands Phase 2' Programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund.



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