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Meal Share is an exciting new project for Shropshire supported by the Wise & Well Team at Shropshire RCC, delivered by individuals or groups of volunteers within the community.

What is Meal Share?

Meal Share can be extra portions made by a local family and taken to the home of a neighbour who would not otherwise have a cooked meal.


Extra meals made by local lunch clubs, hospitals, schools, community centres etc. & delivered by local volunteers.

But Meal Share is about more than a home cooked meal and the delivery. Volunteers  are actively encouraged  to sit, chat and laugh with their neighbour.

Research shows person to person contact is the tonic that many people want.  The opportunity to chat and share some time with someone else is a key factor in reducing isolation  and depression for people living alone. Being part of Meal Share can lead to people joining in with their community again and remaining independent.

If you regularly cook family meals and could make an extra portion to help someone in your local neighbourhood, or if you have time to spare to make deliveries and chat with isolated people nearby, we want to hear from you!


If you would like to find out if there is a Meal Share project operating in your area, would like to find out how to become a volunteer or how to get involved, or would like to help get one started in your community please contact the Wise and Well team.


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