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Across Shropshire there are hundreds of charities carrying out valuable work in local communities. Dozens of these are charitable trusts, distributing money to community groups and people in need.

The Charity Review service is on hand when running a charity becomes a challenge. Perhaps trustee numbers have dwindled, local needs have changed, or the organisation is finding it increasingly hard to continue due to pressure on funding.

Charity Review can help make best use of charitable funds by helping dormant charities to bring their activities to a close and transfer their remaining assets to another charity more able to use it in meeting the needs of the local community.

We work with trustees to identify how to put the charity’s funds to better use, which could include winding up the charity, amalgamating it with another one or donating the funds to another cause with the approval of the Charity Commission. Whatever solution is identified, we will help with every step of the process.


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