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New Scrabble Partner for Mary

Mrs Houseman with Carole Stretton

If you were looking for a new scrabble opponent, you probably wouldn't expect to find them at a Shropshire RCC Senior Safety Day – but with a little help from her friends, that is exactly what happened to Mary …..

Mary is in her 90’s and has poor mobility but is able to get out and about thanks to her electric wheelchair. On Thursdays she attends the Day Centre run by AgeUK and in May, a group came along to the Shropshire RCC Senior Safety Day, organised by the Wise & Well Team.

As Mary couldn't get about very easily and couldn't hear so well with all the people at the event, Event Organiser, Susie Hancock, encouraged exhibitors to come and talk to Mary on a 1:1 basis. While she was talking to Carole from the RCC Sensory Team, Mary mentioned that she has something to do every day except Fridays which she calls her “mouldy day” when nothing happens and time drags. She said she really likes to play scrabble but had no-one to play with.

Carole decided to ask around the stall holders to see if they knew anyone who might be interested to play with Mary on a regular basis. Abi Butters, on the “People 2 People” stand was particularly moved by Mary’s quest and for the rest of the day, asked everyone who came to her table: “By the way, do you like Scrabble?”. Lo and behold, Kate responded “I used to love Scrabble but I have no-one to play it with these days.”  So Kate went to talk to Mary, they got on famously, and can now play regularly, each having found a companion to share their interest 

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