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Men in Sheds


Sheds are places where men can meet and enjoy their hobbies or learn about new ones, as well as making friends and enjoy one another’s company. In a Shed there is freedom to work with others either on your own project or theirs or simply to be there to:

  • Undertake some activity in the company of others
  • Be with like minded men with whom they can work and talk
  • Participate in some joint endeavour
  • Find friendship and companionship
  • Provide help and support to themselves and others
  • Make use of workshop or other facilities
  • Make a contribution to the community
  • Feel safe and happy
  • Enjoy a cooked meal together

What the Men In The Sheds Saymore

"There's plenty to get on with and I'm much more active. If I wasn't doing this I wouldn't be doing anything, I'd just be at home, especially during the winter."

"Gives me a reason to get up in the morning and for two days a week I feel I’m gainfully employed. I really feel good working with and helping chaps who often feel isolated in the community. I would need a very good reason not to come."

"I love the company. Because of my depression I’m not very sociable so I come for the company. There are people here with lots of skills and I’m still learning skills and I’m still learning things. I know what we are doing is helping other people."

"If an issue comes up, then we sit down and have a cup of tea."


If you would like to become a volunteer for Men in Sheds, either by sharing a skill or helping with the daily running of a shed please get in touch.


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