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Good Neighbours Schemes: helping people in their own communities


August 2017

Shropshire RCC supports the development of Good Neighbours Schemes in Shropshire.  North Shrewsbury Friendly Neighbours (NSFN) in Castlefields is one such scheme. NSFN was able to help Mr K - a local man - resolve various practical matters and, through regular support and befriending, help him to feel less alone and isolated.

Mr K is in his late 70's and lives alone. We asked NSFN to visit him as he needed help to put out his bins and recycling boxes. During the visit, one of the volunteers discovered that Mr K was suffering from severe health problems and he wasn't receiving any benefits to help him manage financially.

As a direct result of the visit, NSFN has been able to help Mr K complete the correct forms for his benefits; it has arranged for his medication to be delivered; he is now a Blue Badge holder and the Breathing Clinic has provided him with a digital and portable oxygen cylinder.

Now that Mr K is in receipt of financial support he has been able to purchase a scooter and a hoist for his car, which has helped him to get out and about more, and the extra income from benefits will help support his continued needs.

NSFN also managed to arrange for Veolia to help with his bin collection; NSFN assisted him in obtaining Housing Benefit, and also to get his Council Tax reduced. Mr K is still in contact with NSFN for regular support/befriending and help with his shopping.

For more information about Good Neighbours Schemes, or advice on setting up your own scheme, click here.


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