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Electric bike maintenance

Regular Checks. You will need to carry out basic checks before riding. The 'M' check is a good way of making sure you've checked everything.

Watch a short video to see how to carry out these checks. Although the video is about push bikes, it does apply to E-bikes too.

Punctures. One of the best ways to reduce the chances of having a puncture is to make sure your tyres are kept pumped up – see the side of the tyre for the recommended tyre pressure. E-bikes punctures may be more tricky to mend than regular bikes because of the electrics.  If you have a puncture and would consider fixing it yourself, read the 'how to mend a puncture' section of the e-bike Handbook.

Watch this video to see how to mend a puncture on a regular bicycle . Most bike shops will repair an e-bike puncture for about £15. 


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