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Shropshire Charity Trustees’ Network has been established to help people involved in the governance of a charity or community organisation, such as a trustee, director or management committee member.

If you are a trustee, you will know it is a rewarding yet responsible role, which carries with it the responsibility for directing the affairs of their charity and ensuring it is solvent and well run.

Voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations make an amazing difference to the communities and individuals that they help. Organisations could not achieve this without the help of local people who volunteer their time as trustees and management committee members.

Shropshire Charity Trustees’ Network offers:

  • Useful updates on issues affecting your role as a trustee, such as changes in the law
  • Three network meetings each year offering access to experts who specialise in financial, legal and other matters affecting trusteeship
  • The opportunity to meet with other trustees and share experiences in a friendly and supportive environment
  • A chance to contribute your views to national developments that affect trustees and your organisations, such as the impact of new legislation

Membership of the network is open to all charity trustees, management committee members of voluntary organisations and community groups and not-for-profit company directors.

Attendance at network meetings is free for members of Shropshire RCC or £10 per meeting for non-members.

If your trustee board has a burning issue that you think could be addressed by the CTN please let us know on 01743 360641.We will do our best to include the topic in our programme and newsletter and where we cannot include it, we will endeavour to help your board address the topic through our Governance Advice or Board Development services.

Shropshire Charity Trustees’ Network Volunteer more

We are looking for a volunteer who can help us to organise our Charity Trustees’ Network programme. Tasks include talking to trustees about the topics that are of interest to them, researching suitable speakers and booking meetings. The network organises three meetings per year. In addition to this, the role could involve researching issues that are of interest locally and nationally, that could be shared with network members via a regular e-bulletin. This role would suit someone with experience of being a trustee and would suit someone who has a couple of hours to spare once a week/fortnight. Out of pocket expenses are paid.

If you are interested in this volunteering role, please contact 01743 360641.


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