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Diamond Pilates Instructor Training 1 workshop

20th January, 2018 - 21st January, 2018

9:00am to 4:30pm, at Shropshire RCC Training Suite

Listed under: Wise & Well

Shropshire RCC will host a Diamond Pilates Instructor Training 1 weekend workshop, delivered by Cherry Baker Education.This workshop is open to any exercise teacher who would like to learn more about how to teach effective pelvic floor control at their classes. 

This is a vital but little-discussed issue which restricts the lives of many adults, from child-bearing age onward but especially older people.  The workshop will be delivered by Cherry Baker Education.  Cherry gave a half-day Pelvic Floor workshop for Shropshire RCC in August, which proved so popular that the attendees asked for the full weekend-long Diamond Pilates training.  Cherry is a highly knowledgeable and experienced instructor whose “northern wit” makes the training lively and hilarious.  You can find more information about the Diamond Pilates training on her website: 

This workshop has been set up for the Association of Shropshire Exercise Teachers (ASET) but there are a few places still available. For more information or to book a place, please contact Susie on 01943 342160 or susie.hancock(at) .

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