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Advice & Training
For Local
Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is provided for scooter clients.

Wheels2Work supports people in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin who need help with transport to be able to get to work because there are no other public transport options. We can't help everybody so you will need to meet certain criteria to qualify for help. You can contact us directly on 01743 237883 to discuss whether or not you will be eligible.

We provide advice on transport options for getting to work, and we may be able to provide:

  • 50cc & 110cc scooter or an electric bike loan on a short-term loan at affordable rates (if you have a job, or the firm offer of a job)


Wheels2Work started in 1997 to help people in Shropshire find affordable & flexible transport to work, particularly young people entering the labour market for the first time; those returning to work after a long period, or working for a low wage. Wheels2Work started loaning out mopeds and quickly grew in size and scope, inspiring schemes nationwide. Our scheme was awarded the Cabinet Office's Big Society Awards in March 2013.

Our scheme now helps around 200 people each year to find or stay in work, helping businesses in the county to recruit and retain staff.

Testimonials more

The scheme has been a lifesaver!  I was spending £80 a month getting to work including taxi fares.  Renting an electric bike for £15 a month allowed me to do extra shifts and overtime, so I was able to save for an electric bike of my own - which I bought after 6 months on the scheme.  It worked really well for me - fantastic!

Full marks!  Without the scheme I was only able to work limited hours as a mobile carer. The loan of a scooter has enabled me to increase my hours and therefore save to buy my own scooter.  I have already recommended the scheme to a lady at work.

I decided to go for a pedal bike so I could save more money for driving lessons.  The bike only took a couple of days to arrive and was delivered to me.  I've now been able to work more hours as cleaner. Thanks very much, the scheme is amazing!

Find out more and make an application more


Are you:

  • Unable to afford your own transport
  • Living in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin
  • Looking for work where you may need your own transport or
  • In employment or work based training and at risk of losing your job due to lack of suitable transport?

If the answer is yes, we may be able to help.

What we offer

If you are in employment or have a job offer we will outline your travel options. If we are able to provide a vehicle on loan, training or equipment, we will set this up once we have spoken directly to your employer to confirm your employment.  We aim to provide your transport as quickly as possible, however all our transport loans are subject to availability and this changes on a daily basis.

If you are looking for work, we will advise you on your transport options including any vehicles we could loan to you when you secure work. We send you a letter outlining these options, for you to take to job interviews if required.

Watch a short film to find out more and see how clients have benefited from our scheme.

Vehicle loans

electric_bike moped

Electric bikes

Who? Those who need to travel further, or others travelling shorter distances frequently (e.g. mobile carers) or shorter distances where bicycle travel or walking is difficult (e.g. for health reasons).

What? An electric bike is a battery assisted bicycle. This helps you to travel faster, further and on hilly routes as cycling takes a lot less effort. Electric bikes have many of the advantages of mopeds without the fuel costs. Bikes are set up, supplied with safety helmet, high viz vest, lights, panniers and lock and can be delivered to you. We can help you plan your route and provide information about training.

How much? £15 start up fee (non-refundable), £15 per month.


You will need an up-to-date driving licence (provisional or full with no more than 3 points).

Who? 50cc mopeds are available to riders aged 16 + who travel a medium distance to work (e.g. between 5-20 miles). 110ccs are available to older clients (25 or over) with road experience and longer distances to travel.

What? A 50cc (restricted to 30mph) or 110cc scooter, taxed, insured and with breakdown cover.

Scooters are supplied with a helmet, gloves, high viz vest, lock and oil. We will pay for one CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and further one-to-one training if Wheels2Work deem it necessary once you are on the scheme. 

How much? 110cc scooters - £40 start up fee (non-refundable), £80 per month.  50cc scooters - £40 start up fee (non-refundable), £65 per month.

Making an application

You are welcome to call us before making an application to discuss your situation and the options available.  At busy times we do not always have the transport available that you need straight away. 

Fill in an online application form by clicking here

Alternatively you can download an application form here and send it by post or email.

We will contact you by phone within ten working days of receiving your form to discuss your application and decide the next steps.

Download some frequently asked questions and their answers
Care Workers and Care Agencies

Care workers and agencies often have particular transport needs.  We've put together some special advice and help for  these individuals and organisations.


Agencies may find it useful to include this information in their recruitment or induction packs.

For information for care agencies with tips and guidance on helping employees with their travel, click here.

Promote the Scheme

Please use the following resources to promote the wheels2work scheme to your employees, clients or for inclusion in a job advert. We are able to supply hard copies on request.

Support Wheels2Work more

Supporting Wheels2Work helps people get their careers started and is a great way to fulfill your corporate social responsibility requirements. You can support Wheels2Work by:

  • Becoming a corporate sponsor
  • Hosting a collecting tin
  • Holding a fundraising event
Read here about the impact that the scheme has had on Edward - one of our wheels2work clients.

Contact Sue Homden for more information.

Agencies & training providers more

Most of our clients are referred by an agency or training provider such as Job Centre Plus, County Training or colleges. Referral agencies should use the standard application form provided in the 'Find out more and make an application' section.

We welcome the involvement of agencies in applications: their support can be the key to a client's successful transport loan and long term employment prospects. We can meet a client at your centre or offices. If your client has needs that cannot be met by our standard offer, we may be able to work with you to provide a personalised transport solution.

Please let us know if you would like someone from Wheels2Work to deliver a presentation or workshop on our scheme to staff or clients. 

In Telford & Wrekin we are able to offer one-off or short term help by referral only.  More details can be found below. Contact us to request a referral form. 

Information for Scooter Clientsmore

Information for clients who have a vehicle on loan from Wheels2Work, or who are preparing to start their loan.


The scheme loans Kymco Agility 125cc scooters, Honda Vision 50cc and 110cc scooters.

Before you start

You can ride a 50cc, 110cc or 125cc moped on a provisional driving licence after passing your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).

Provisional Licence

If you have a provisional licence, check it is in date and has your correct name and full address at the top. Tell us straight away about any endorsements as they may affect your application.

Applying for a provisional licence: you can apply for a provisional licence by post by picking up a D1 form from the post office or by applying online.

Be aware that there are some online scams relating to applying for a provisional licence so use the link we have provided. It usually takes a few weeks to receive your provisional licence.

Compulsory Basic Training


We will fund your CBT as part of joining the scheme. The CBT course lasts a full day and will usually take place at the EDT Fast Trak Training Centre in Shrewsbury.


If you have a current CBT certificate we will still require you to complete some additional training before receiving a moped on loan (this is also funded by the scheme).


You must prepare in advance for your CBT.  You need a good knowledge of the Highway Code and traffic signs before taking your CBT course. 


Follow this link to the DVLA video to learn more about preparing for your CBT.


What to take to your course


Take your UK driving licence to your training course.


You will be provided with a helmet, gloves and hi viz vest as part of the scheme.  You also need to ensure that you wear: sturdy footwear that supports and protects your ankles, protective clothing with several layers underneath during cold weather and heavy weight trousers. 


Your course can be stopped and you can be charged to take it again if you don’t wear suitable clothing.


Everything you need to know about your scooter loan can be found in your handbook. A copy will be given to you with your scooter. Keep it under your seat and don't forget to fill in important information.

If you have an accident, however small, let us know immediately. You will need to fill in an accident form.

Moped maintenance

You will need to carry out basic checks before you ride and give the bike a good look over every week. These checks were covered in your CBT (B.O.L.T.S. checks), but as it's a packed day we've videoed some short reminders for you.

Watch a short video

on how to carry out your pre-ride checks.

Watch a short video

on how to carry out your weekly checks.

One bottle of engine oil is provided. If you need more, use 10:40 semi synthetic 4 stroke oil. It is particularly important you check your oil regularly. If your oil is low or empty, an engine can be ruined, costing hundreds of pounds to replace.

Saving for your own transport

You will need to start thinking about and budgeting for your own transport straight away.

Get in touch with your local Credit Union to help save and borrow money at reasonable rates.

Fairshare Credit Union


Just Credit Union


Information for Electric Bike Clients  more

Information for clients who have an electric bike (E-bike) on loan from Wheels 2 Work or who are preparing for their loan.


The scheme loans Raleigh, Giant and Batribike E-bikes. These E-bikes have been chosen because they are easy to ride, are fitted with mudguards and chain guards to keep you clean and have batteries that have a good range before they need recharging.

Your E-bike loan

Everything you need to know about your E-bike loan can be found in the e-bike handbook.  A copy will be given to you with your E-bike. If you have any safety concerns or faults occur you must report them immediately to Wheels2Work.

E-bike maintenance

Regular Checks. You will need to carry out basic checks before riding. The 'M' check is a good way of making sure you've checked everything.

Watch a short video

to see how to carry out these checks. Although the video is about push bikes, it does apply to E-bikes too.

Punctures. One of the best ways to reduce the chances of having a puncture is to make sure your tyres are kept pumped up – see the side of the tyre for the recommended tyre pressure. E-bikes punctures may be more tricky to mend than regular bikes because of the electrics.  If you have a puncture and would consider fixing it yourself, read the 'how to mend a puncture' section of the e-bike Handbook.

Watch this video

to see how to mend a puncture on a regular bicycle .  Most bike shops will repair an e-bike puncture for about £15. 


Buying your own E-bike

If you are thinking of buying your own E-bike see the handbook which gives you information on things to think about when buying an E-bike and some local suppliers.


 August 2017

We are currently looking for 4 volunteers around the county to undertake moped and electric bicycle checks during the course of a loan. Please contact Sue Homden for more information.

Webpage last updated September 2017


Your Scooter Loan

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