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Advice & Training
For Local
Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is provided for scooter clients.

Wheels 2 Work is a scheme that helps people to get into, or keep, work by solving their transport problems. We support people in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. 

We provide:

  • Advice on transport options for getting to work
  • 50cc & 125cc scooter, electric bike and push bike loans at affordable rates
  • Support with the of costs of independent transport to work (Telford & Wrekin only)


Wheels 2 Work started life in 1997 to help people in Shropshire find affordable & flexible transport to work, particularly young people entering the labour market for the first time, those returning to work after a long period or working for a low wage. Wheels 2 Work started loaning out mopeds and quickly grew in size and scope, inspiring schemes nationwide.

Our scheme now helps around 200 people each year to find or stay in work, helping businesses in the county to recruit and retain staff.

Testimonials more

The scheme has been a lifesaver!  I was spending £80 a month getting to work including taxi fares.  Renting an electric bike for £15 a month allowed me to do extra shifts and overtime, so I was able to save for an electric bike of my own - which I bought after 6 months on the scheme.  It worked really well for me - fantastic!

Full marks!  Without the scheme I was only able to work limited hours as a mobile carer. The loan of a scooter has enabled me to increase my hours and therefore save to buy my own scooter.  I have already recommended the scheme to a lady at work.

I decided to go for a pedal bike so I could save more money for driving lessons.  The bike only took a couple of days to arrive and was delivered to me.  I've now been able to work more hours as cleaner. Thanks very much, the scheme is amazing!

Find out more and make an application more


Are you:

  • Unable to afford your own transport
  • Living in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin
  • Looking for work where you may need your own transport or
  • In employment or work based training and at risk of losing your job due to lack of suitable transport?

If the answer is yes, we may be able to help.

What we offer

If you are looking for work, we will advise you on your transport options including any vehicles we could loan you when you secure work. You will be provided with a letter outlining the support we could provide to refer to a job application or interview and a pack of travel information. We may be able to provide you with a push bicycle straight away if you need if for a work placement or volunteering in order to gain experience and skills for work.

If you are in employment or have a job offer we will outline your travel options. If we are able to provide a vehicle on loan, we will set this up. We aim to provide your transport within two weeks, however all our transport loans are subject to availability and this changes on a daily basis. Please contact us nice and early so that we can help ensure everything is in place for when you need your transport.

Watch a short film to find out more and see how clients have benefited from our scheme.

Vehicle loans

pedal_bike electric_bike moped

If you are eligible, we may lend you a pedal bike, electric bike or scooter for up to six months. During this time, you will need to save for your own transport.

Pedal Bikes

Who? Those fit and able to travel a short (or longer) distance on a suitable route to work, work placement or volunteering.

What? Bikes are set up, supplied with safety helmet, high viz vest, lights and lock and can be delivered to you. We can help you plan your route and provide training.

How much? £20 start up, plus £20 after one month for a reconditioned bike, or £20 start up plus £20/month for six months for a new bike. 

Clients successfully completing the scheme will be allowed to keep the bicycle. 

Electric bikes

Who? Those who travel a medium distance on a suitable route, mobile carers or others travelling shorter distances frequently or shorter distances where bicycle travel is difficult e.g. for health reasons.

What? An electric bike is a battery assisted pedal cycle. This helps you to travel faster, further and on hilly routes as cycling takes a lot less effort. Electric bikes have many of the advantages of mopeds without the fuel costs. Bikes are set up, supplied with safety helmet, high viz vest, lights, panniers and lock and can be delivered to you. We can help you plan your route and provide training.

How much? £15 start up fee, £15/month for up to 6 months


Who? 50cc mopeds are available to riders aged 16 + who travel a medium distance to work. 125ccs are available to older clients (typically over 25) with road experience and longer distances to travel. Please note that our stock of 125cc scooters is very limited.

What? A 50cc (restricted to 30mph) or 125cc scooter, taxed, insured and with breakdown cover. Scooters are supplied with a helmet, gloves, high viz vest, lock and oil. You will receive your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and further training after a month on the road. We are currently able to offer some clients the opportunity for to own an ex-fleet 50cc scooter through our 'loan to own' scheme.

How much? 50cc scooters - £40 start up fee, £65 per month for up to six months.

125cc scooters—£40 start up fee, £80 per month for up to 6 months.

Making an application

Fill in an application form online.

Download an application form and send it by post or email.

We will contact you by phone within five working days of receiving your form to discuss your application and decide the next steps.

Download some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Wheels 4 Care Workers

Wheels 2 Work have put together a special package of transport support just for care workers living. Each offer is designed to give you the help you need to take up a job in care, or retain the job you have, when transport is a problem.  These offers will be available until 31st March 2015.

We can provide:

A free vehicle ‘health check’

If you have a vehicle but it is off the road or you’re concerned about its reliability or safety, we will arrange for your vehicle to be checked over. You will be given an assessment of its condition and whether the mechanics believe it is cost effective to repair.

Vehicle repair grant

Following a ‘health check’, if your vehicle can be repaired cost effectively, we can provide up to 80% of the cost of the repair, up to £250.

Moped loan to own

If you successfully complete 3 months on our moped loan scheme you can pay a higher rate of £145 for three months and receive an ex wheels 2 work fleet moped on completion.

Advice on meeting the costs of transport

We can give you advice on meeting the up front and ongoing costs of transport including where to apply for grants and help with saving and budgeting.

You can also apply for any of the other services Wheels 2 Work provides.

To be eligible for support you must be: 

  •      Unable to afford buy or repair your own transport

  •      Living and/or working in Shropshire

  •       Need transport assistance to find or stay in care work

How to apply

Give us a call to talk through your situation on or apply directly using the link on the ‘Find out more and make an application' section.

All offers are subject to availability.

Promote the Scheme

Promoting the scheme You can use the following resources to promote the wheels 2 work scheme for your employees, clients or with a job advert. We are able to supply hard copies on request.

Support Wheels 2 Work more

Supporting Wheels 2 Work will help people get their careers get started and is a great way to fulfill your corporate social responsibility requirements and get publicity. You can support Wheels 2 Work by:

  • Becoming a corporate sponsor
  • Hosting a collecting tin
  • Holding a fundraising event
  • Collecting mobile phones for us to recycle

Contact Davina Allen on 01743 237885 or for an informal discussion.

Agencies & training providers more

Most of our clients are referred by an agency or training provider such as Job Centre Plus, County Training or colleges. Referral agencies should use the standard application form provided above.

We welcome the involvement of agencies in applications: their support can be the key to a client’s successful transport loan and long term move into employment. We can meet a client at your centre or offices. If your client has needs that cannot be met by our standard offer, we may be able to work with you to provide a personalised transport solution.

In Telford & Wrekin we are able to offer one-off or short term help by referral only.  Contact us to request a referral form.

One-off help in Telford & Wrekin

Job Centre Plus, County Training other agencies are able to refer Telford & Wrekin residents to us for all sorts of help with their work related transport costs.  This help includes pre-paid bus tickets, taxi fares and travel mini-grants for things like vehicle repairs.  We are looking to help with essential travel costs that will enable you to become financially independent. 


If your agency or training provider does not know about this scheme please get in touch with us.


Scooter, electric bike & push bike clients more

Information for clients who have a vehicle on loan from Wheels 2 Work or are preparing to start their loan.


The scheme loans Kymco Agility restricted 50cc and 125cc scooters and Peugeot Kisbee restricted 50cc scooters.

Before you start

You can ride a 50cc, 125cc moped on a provisional driving licence if you have passed your Compulsory Basic Training.

If you have a provisional licence, check you have both parts, it is in date and has your correct address at the top. Tell us straight away about any endorsements as they may affect your application. You can apply for a provisional licence by post by picking up a D1 form from the post office or applying online. Find out full details of how to apply for a provisional licence and follow the link to apply online.

Be aware that there are some online scams relating to applying for a provisional licence so use the link we have provided. It usually takes a few weeks to receive your provisional licence.

We will fund your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) as part joining the scheme. The CBT takes place over a day and will usually take place at the Fast Trak training centre in Battlefield, Shrewsbury. If you have a current CBT certificate we may require you to complete some additional training before receiving a moped on loan. This is also funded by the scheme. Before you take your CBT, make sure you are familiar with the Highway Code.

You will be provided with a helmet and gloves as part of the scheme.  We also recommend you wear protective clothing.  You can buy a biker jacket and waterproof trousers at a special rate through our online shop. 

Your Scooter Loan

Everything you need to know about your scooter loan can be found in your handbook. A copy will be given to you with your scooter. Keep it under your seat and don't forget to fill in important information.

If you have an accident, however small, let us know immediately. You will need to fill in an accident form.

Moped maintenance

You will need to carry out basic checks before you ride and give the bike a good look over every week. These checks were covered in your Compulsory Basic Training, but as it's a packed day we've videoed some short reminders for you.

Watch a short video on how to carry out your pre-ride checks.

Watch a short video on how to carry out your weekly checks.

A bottle of engine oil is provided. If you need more, use 10:40 semi synthetic 4 stroke oil. It is particularly important you check your oil regularly. If your oil is low or empty, an engine can be ruined costing hundreds of pounds to replace.

Saving for your own transport

Six months isn't long! You will need to start thinking about and budgeting for your own transport straight away. Download information on the costs of different options including new and second hand mopeds and cars.

Get in touch with your local Credit Union to help save and borrow money at reasonable rates. Fairshare Credit Union  and Just Credit Union  offer a county-wide service.

Smoothie bike more

A smoothie bike can be hired from the Wheels 2 Work scheme. The bike is conventional bike with a smoothie attachment and stand that can be fitted to make smoothies whilst the bike is stationery. The cost of hire is £25 for up to a week.

Watch a short film to see the smoothie bike in action and for instruction on fitting the smoothie mechanism.

The bike can be used in the following ways:

  • As a fun attraction at an event
  • As a way of raising awareness e.g. of sustainable transport, healthy food
  • As a fundraiser. Donations can be requested for each smoothie made.

Borrowing the Smoothie Bike - practicalities

  1. Contact Wheels 2 Work to check availability and make a booking.
  2. Collect the bike from the Wheels 2 Work offices at Shropshire RCC on Shrewsbury Business Park and pay a £25 hire fee. On collection, you will be given instructions on how to use and assemble the bike. Written instructions are also provided. You will need to sign an agreement taking responsibility for ensuring the safe use of the bike.
  3. Transporting the bike
    The bike measures 2.1 metres in length so may fit in the back of a larger car. It can be ridden like a normal bike, with the smoothie attachments stowed in the panniers. It is a short wheel based bike (to allow children to make smoothies) and the attachments make it heavier than normal, so it is unlikely you would want to ride it for longer distances.
  4. Enjoy using the bike at your event! A responsible person must stay with the bike at all times to supervise its use.
  5. Check over, clean and return the bike to the Wheels 2 Work offices.

Payment and Equipment Purchase

 Wheels 2 Work clients can buy a biker jacket and waterproof trousers at a special rate via our online shop.

If you have a vehicle loan with Wheels 2 Work and need to make a one-off payment, use our paypal facility. Select the option you need from the drop down menu and click ‘pay now’.


If you are interested in volunteering for Wheels 2 Work call Davina on 01743 237885 for an informal chat or email We have no specific posts available but are always open to offers of help and will try and use your time and skills to best effect.


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